Prize Details
  • One (1) prize will be awarded.
  • The winner will receive a supply of free Pampers diapers for one (1) year
  • This consists of 2 cases of diapers per month up to a total and maximum of 24 cases of diapers in one year
  • The amount of diapers received will be dependent upon the child’s age and size.

The number of diapers per case and the exact type of Pampers diapers available is as follows:

                                        Diaper Prize Chart

Diapers/Size# Diapers/Case
Pampers Swaddlers Preemie XXS( up to 1.8 lbs256
Pampers Swaddlers Preemie to 6 lbs240
Pampers Swaddlers Newborn to 10 lbs240
Pampers Swaddlers Size 1 (8-14 lbs)240
Pampers Baby Dry Size 2 (12-18 lbs)136
Pampers Baby Dry Size 3 (16-28 lbs)112
Pampers Baby Dry Size 4 (22-37 lbs)96
Pampers Baby Dry Size 5   (27 lbs +)88
Pampers Baby Dry Size 6   (35 lbs +)72